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A smarter solution for classrooms
A smarter solution
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Physical activity – whether it’s team sports or play time – has been linked to better success in schools and improved health.1

Yet many classrooms have faced shortened recess times to accommodate more instruction and test preparation time, as well as budget cuts that have eliminated extracurricular sports and dramatically shortened physical education classes. Additionally, classrooms have seen a rise in technology that have led to more sedentary behavior.

As a result, students are missing out on crucial physical and mental health benefits associated with moving more and sitting less. Both teachers and parents are faced with children who are struggling with children with a range of health problems from depression to obesity.

“We are finding that with standing desks in schools – the children are more focused and more on task. This is great news for teachers – they don’t have to stop and discipline and correct behavior. But it’s really great news for all of the students from an academic perspective because when a teacher can continue to teach and not have to discipline…everyone’s learning level can increase.”

- Dr. Mark Benden, Director of the Ergonomics Center at Texas A&M

Knowing that healthy habits are easier when they’re developed early on, VARIDESK® Education is committed to creating active education spaces that promote movement and collaboration and combat sedentary behavior in K-12 classrooms. With high-quality, affordable, research-based standing desk solutions and a customer-focused experience, VARIDESK Education is helping to create healthier and more productive classrooms for educators and students.

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the research-backed benefits of standing desks in the classroom

Exercise is proven to be an effective way to improve memory and focus. Students who have the freedom of more movement in the classroom experience a whole host of benefits.

child standing at varidesk education desk buring calories

Enhanced Health

Standing desks can increase calorie burn by 17-35% and decrease BMI percentile by 5%. Achieving and maintaining a healthier weight is linked to increased confidence and self-esteem, which is directly tied to attendance rates.2

teacher giving student grade back at varidesk education standing desk

Improved Academics

Moving more and sitting less in class can lead to 3-5% improvement on test scores.3

two children standing at their varidesk education desks thinking about math

Increased Engagement

Standing desks lead to better focus and attention in class. Students have more eye contact with teachers and 7-9 more minutes of engagement per hour – an increase of up to 15%.4

teacher giving a lecture and student rasing hand at varidesk education desk

Reduced Disruptions

Both research and teachers suggest that classrooms that offer students more flexibility to move have reduced incidents of behavioral disturbances, fewer distractions, and improved collaboration.5

Varidesk Education Sit Stand Products
Resources and research
and research

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Education for parents, teachers, and administration on the research and benefits of standing desks in the classroom.

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User Reviews/Testimonials
User Reviews
and Testimonials

How VARIDESK Education is Making a Difference in the Classroom

"I feel that the frequent change of positions helps the students to better regulate themselves, which allows for a sharper focus on classroom learning. "

Mark Knoll, Jr. High Teacher at Westmount Charter School

"More focus + better behavior = happier teachers and students! "

Southwest Texas Principal

"Finally, an answer to technology-induced inactivity! No more debating whether to have more physical activity or more instruction time – how about more physical activity during instruction time! "

Indiana public school superintendent

"They are wonderful for my kids who have attention and focus problems, because they are trying to control their legs at the same time they do their work, so this has really been beneficial…So far 6 out of 17 of my students have gotten rid of their stools altogether. I would say 12 out of 17 stand up for the majority of their day…When we had the standard desks my kids wanted to be up out of their seats most of the time anyway. "

Ms. Parker, 1st grade teacher

varidesk education products
education products

VARIDESK Education products always ship free and include our 30-Day Risk Free Guarantee. If our standing desks don’t make a difference in your classroom within 30 days, we’ll coordinate free return shipping – no questions asked.

elementary age girl working at standing Varidesk education deskelementary age girl working at standing Varidesk education desk
stand2learn Desk K-5
  • Dual-level footrest
  • Surface can be used as whiteboard

two kids sitting at varidesk education desktwo kids sitting at varidesk education desk
stand2learn Desk for two K-5
  • Integrated, pencil groove
  • Bag hook included

student sitting at varidesk education deskstudent sitting at varidesk education desk
stand2learn Desk 5-12
  • Durable sealed laminate work surface
  • Dual-level footrest

two students working at Varidesk education desktwo students working at Varidesk education desk
stand2learn Desk for two 5-12
  • Dual-level footrest
  • Adjustable footpads for eassy leveling

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